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UKSN Charter Rules

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  • UKSN Charter Rules

    UKSN Charter Concept
    The UKSN Charter program was development as part of the 'UKSN Network Development Program' - the Charters were designed to complete 3 tasks within the network
    1. Connect Local Members to each other and be able to build strong bonds between UKSN Members in the same geographical area.
    2. Provide a Local Support and Advice Network for Charter Members
    3. Act as a Support Network during any potential Crisis or SHTF situation.

    UKSN Charter Rules
    - All Charters must be based in a Geographic area unless approved by Admin or SLT
    - Charter can only be set up by an SN1 Member over 18 years old - however, any member (paid or otherwise) can join a Charter.
    - Each Charter must have a Charter Rep - for easy communication with Admin and Mod's (Charter Rep must be over 18 years old)
    - To be Officially Recognised the Charter must be registered on this forum.
    - Charters must be one of 3 specific types - Public Charter (Anyone can join freely), Private Charter (Members can request to join but must be approved) or a Family Charter (Private Charter with family only)
    - There is no ranking system with the Charter Program - so any Charter needs to be respected by the others - no matter the size or location.