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WARNING Possible Terrorist GAS ATTACK

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  • WARNING Possible Terrorist GAS ATTACK

    UK paramedics are being equipped with an antidote to some of the deadliest nerve agents amid fears terrorists are plotting a chemical strike on Britain.

    Thousands of frontline medics have already received the epipen-style devices that could combat VX or sarin, as well as training on what to do in a mass casualty attack.

    Security chiefs fear those inspired by Islamic State have ‘no moral objection’ to using the substances to murder and spread panic.

    VX is ten times more deadly than sarin and is considered the most dangerous nerve agent ever created. It has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the UN.

    Propaganda posted online by the terror group urges followers to try to obtain chemical weapons.

    Documents obtained by the Daily Mail reveal major health trusts are issuing nerve agent auto-injector devices to frontline staff.

    First carried by soldiers, these are effective in treating so-called organophosphate poisons, which include sarin and VX.

    Both chemicals can cause death within minutes by attacking the body’s nervous system. Victims may initially feel giddy or nauseous before suffering uncontrollable convulsions as they struggle to breathe.

    A London Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed a ‘national programme’ is under way. ‘Our frontline staff are being taught to use nerve agent antidote kits,’ she said.

    ‘Once rolled out later this year, the pen-like device will be available for our staff to use if they or patients are exposed to a nerve agent.

    Counter-terror police and special forces soldiers undertook a major exercise to prepare for a chemical or biological attack earlier this year.

    Like drowning on dry land...

    The chemical shuts down the nervous system. A victim’s vision blurs and they are left fighting for breath as diaphragm muscles fail. It is said to be like drowning on dry land.

    VX vapour is ten times more lethal than the liquid, causing poisoning symptoms in seconds. First synthesised in Britain in the 1950s, VX is up to 150 times more deadly than sarin.

    According to the major incident plan of one big city ambulance trust, ‘large stocks’ of nerve agent antidote kits are now being carried by their support units.

    Frontline ambulances also carry a pack of ten epipens for use by paramedics on themselves if they display symptoms of nerve agent exposure.

    Staff have been told it is essential they administer the antidote to themselves before trying to treat others.

    The epipens contain atropine and pralidoxime which are administered one after the other via auto-injections in the thigh.

    The drugs freeze nerve receptors and stop them being overwhelmed by the toxins.

    Earlier this year, Dany Cotton, of London’s Fire Brigade, said the potential for a terrorist chemical attack is a ‘huge concern’.

    Police: Be on guard this weekend

    Everyone attending a major event this Bank Holiday weekend must know what to do if terrorists strike, police said yesterday.

    The public should take simple precautions to protect themselves and others, and ‘run, hide, tell’ if the worst should happen, officers said.

    This means people should run away if an attack is taking place, lock themselves in a secure room if they cannot escape, and then dial 999 when possible.

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    Please could you add a link so we can see the source of this information


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      Here you go my friend


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        Here you go my friend
        Thousands of frontline medics have already received the epipen-style devices that could combat VX or sarin, the as well as training on what to do in a mass casualty attack.


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