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Birling Gap Gas Incident

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  • Birling Gap Gas Incident

    On Friday 25th August 2017 this story appears in on the Dailymail online site

    On Sunday the 27th August 2017 this story appeared

    And was covered by all the mainstream newspapers and news networks.

    Today 29th August 2017 it's not mentioned in these papers or on the news networks.

    The emergency services in Sussex have no comment at all.

    I find this all very strange indeed. Two days after it is admitted that NHS staff are carrying 10x atropine for their personal use and that support vehicles are on standby with (enough) for the general public because of a chlorine gas attack, then a "Chlorine Gas" incident occurs and nobody says "is this a terrorist Attack"

    Has a D notice been slammed on the press? and if the answer is yes, then why?

    In my eyes there is no other explanation to arrive at but for me to say that I think this was an emergency services exercise.

    This would explain why only a handful of causalities were actually decontaminated and not everyone who turned up with the same symptoms.

    It would also explain why the fire crews and other emergency service workers where photographed walking around "without" HAZCHEM suits. Certainly the RNLI inshore rescue boats crew had no HAZCHEM suits on.

    I knew something was not right when a police statement said that there would be no more gas.

    I mean how do they know?

    Having looked at the wind direction on that day I have to say that an onshore source in northern France is very unlikely.

    Having checked EDIS there is no such incident on the Mainland European Coastline.

    But EDIS shows the incident in the Beachy Head area.

    I suggest that the gas was released from an off shore vessel and that once released the gas itself would screen the vessel from view.

    I say this because of the reasons I have given and because the gas drifted onshore.

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    gotta feel like there is something not right with the story they have given - pollution from France - its would have been at amazingly high levels just to get to the other side of the channel at a level to cause irritation and breathing issues.


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      I agree Jay it is very odd indeed