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  • Need prayers....

    My grandma has been hospitalized for the past 2 weeks since she had undergone a fire attack. There was a short circuit at home which ended up in a fire. Grandma was alone at home that time and was taking her afternoon nap. As she is quite old she was not able to run out of the house when she saw the fire. By the time she moved out of the house, she was severely injured. One of our neighbors immediately informed a fire watch security company that provides service immediately. Then, my grandma was taken to the hospital. She was immediately shifted to ICU and was under observation for 48 hours. I was completely broken up that time. Doctors asked me to pray. I prayed to Lord Almighty for curing my grandma.

    Now she is far better. She started responding. I'm so happy. I want my grandma back as she is the only one whom I have. I need all your prayers to bring her back to normal life.