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LS-20180721-63967-MEX - Landslide - Mexico - North-America

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BH-20180721-63968-USA - Biological Hazard - USA - North-America

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SPS-20180721-63969-DEU - Serious public security incident - Germany - Europe

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BH-20180721-63970-USA - Biological Hazard - USA - North-America

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HZ-20180721-63971-GBR - HAZMAT - United Kingdom - Europe

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BH-20180720-63966-SAU - Biological Hazard - Saudi Arabia - Middle-East

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Hello from A North Hampshire Newbee

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  • Hello from A North Hampshire Newbee

    Hello Everyone.

    A noobie here - just your average guy, from North Hampshire. Looking to pick up skills, make friends, and check through my own plans and skills.

    I am a techy geek, but I love the outdoors - walking, exploring, seeing the world.

    Planning for a possible economic collapse which will happen someday soon - and any possible outfall that comes from that (cats and dogs, living together type of situation).

    I have joined UKSN, just waiting for the information pack to come through.

    Oh, and sorry to say, I wont be joining the Facebook group - I hate facebook with a passion. Hope the forum picks up in due course.
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    Hi jaffa, welcome. south Hampshire here, it is a really good group on Facebook, have a think about joining even if it's just the UKSN group, masses of info. Hampshire is region 3, join the nomads, we have our own outings and meet ups.


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      Pointer on how to join the nomads?????
      Ahh - found them under charters. Joined. Thanks
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        Hi Jaffa, you seem to have sorted things but if you have questions feel free to message me