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  • Best camping tent

    Very informative thread.

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    LOL. Well, Banshee 300 is quite a nice light tent, or the French army tent good too - single skin for summer, heavier canvas with flysheet for winter. There, should get the ball rolling.
    youtube- SgtFruitcake's review on the bansheeS are informative and comedically entertaining, and FunkyPrepper's review on the lighter French tent is usefully detailed.


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      The banshee 300 weights 2.5Kg which is pretty light. I have a Tempest 300 myself which comes in at 3.5Kg.
      I went for the Tempest over any other because it has a seperated front entrance for storing packs, shoes, etc away from the sleeping area - nothing worse than getting the sleeping area wet or muddy. Also, the tempest has a little more room to it.

      It all depends on what you are looking for in a tent - size, weight, strength, cost.

      A lot of people sware on the suspended Tarp instead of a tent in terms of cost, weight and put-up/take down abaility. I am a creature of comfort, and in a tent I can keep flying night bugs away.