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With over 2500 members in the UK and a staggering 16% of them being paid members - It really shows what value UKSN offers. Being a paid member doesn't just allow you into an Elite Group - Its shows you support what we are trying to achieve, allows us to keep growing by offering more services and investing in further infrastructure.

You can join UKSN from only £15 per year and get these unique benefits:

  • UKSN Metal challenge coin
  • SN1 membership plus unique membership number
  • Welcome Email and digital membership pack
  • Use of UKSN's radio licence plus downloadable radio pack
  • Automatic entry into majority of competitions
  • Access to the IPN training portal
  • For and additional £15 you unlock a survival bracelet and UKSN patch

In addition to the benefits listed above you unlock these unique UKSN Hub benefits:

  • Access to the SN1 forum
  • Ability to create/register a charter
  • Ability to create a personal blog
  • Enhanced private messages
  • Heavily customize your personal profile including a personal avatar and signature.
  • Create Events and Photo galleries
  • Download & upload attachments

Membership is open to individuals of the British Isles only. If you are an ex pat who lives within the EU additional fees will be applicable. Please contact us to find out more.


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